Telephone - The number at Moonshadow is (649) 941-5792. If you are making an international call, dial 1-800-CARD for credit card authorization (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). For AT&T dial 01-800-872-2881.

Water - Water is scarce, please help us conserve! Water is a combination of rainwater caught on the roof plus desalinated water delivered weekly. There should be no problem in drinking the water; however, various bottled waters are available at the grocery and liquor stores.

Food & Drink
 - Upon your arrival, there will likely be a few food staples in the cabinets and fridge. Please help yourself to anything you wish, and upon your departure leave what you wish. There are two large supermarkets and several grocery stores on the island. Graceway Gourmet is located in the heart of Grace Bay and is open 7 days a week. Several miles down the road on the Leeward Highway is a large IGA Supermarket (check their site for directions and hours of operation). Several liquor stores are on the island, the largest being Caribe West located at the first major intersection after you leave home.

The Fridge - There are two refrigerators (one in the kitchen, one on the patio). If you pack the fridge with a large load of groceries and un-chilled drinks, it may take a long time to cool your goods as much as you would like. And each time you open the door, you lose most of the cold it has built up. We recommend you only put a few drinks in the fridge and keep at a minimum anything else which does not have to go into it. To further insure proper operation, especially where a quantity of drinks is concerned; we recommend putting a couple of bags of ice into the large cooler for soft drinks, beer, wine, etc. Your drinks will then stay cold and the fridge will have time to recover and chill all the new goods put into it.

Power - Power rates are very high. Please, please don't leave lights and fans on unnecessarily. It is not uncommon for the power to go off temporarily. The power current is the same as in the USA.

Mosquitoes - Since the villa is located by the sea, you will find fewer mosquitoes here than anywhere else, and most of the time no mosquitoes at all! Typically, mosquitoes will come a couple of weeks after a heavy rainfall and their feeding time is mostly at sunrise and just after sunset.

Driving - Remember to drive on the LEFT side of the road (and watch out for those who don't). On secondary roads it is not uncommon to find people driving on the best side of the road. You should make car rental arrangements prior to arrival.

Warning - A sudden rain shower can come up without warning. Please make sure that anytime you leave the villa, close all the doors and windows.

Passports, Etc. - US citizens are required to have a passport. Non-US citizens should check to see if a visa is also necessary.

Maids - A maid is provided before, after, and one time during your stay. If you want additional maid service, this can be arranged by contacting the manager. The rate for hiring a daily maid is $15 an hour, for a minimum of three hours per day.

 - An exterminating service comes by once a month to spray inside and outside the villa. This will account for any dead bugs you might see lying around. If you are finding more live bugs than you think you should, call the manager and they will have someone come out to spray. But please don't call if you see lizard!. They are harmless, cute and they too keep down the mosquito population. Some of the neighbors' dogs or cats may also come by for a friendly visit.

Washer/Dryer - The villa has a washer and dryer that you are welcome to use.

Don't Be Alarmed - Various service personnel will come by to check on the landscaping and to prune various plants and flowers. The pool is usually serviced on Fridays and the maid will come once mid-week during your visit for a light clean up.

Quiet Please! - Ocean Point is a luxurious residential community where people come to escape from the noise and activity found on other parts of the island. We ask you to please be considerate of your neighbors and not play the stereo or TV too loud. Sound can sometimes travel far, especially due to open doors or windows and days when there is little breeze, so you may find that even normal conversation can be heard from some distance away.

Car Rentals - A car rental is recommended and we also recommended that you get a confirmation number when you rent your car. Approximately one week before your arrival, we recommend that you re-confirm with the car rental company. You should let them know the flight you are arriving on and ascertain that they will be open and/or have a representative at the airport meeting you. If you wish, you can let our manager know the car rental company, confirmation number, and name the car is booked under and they will make sure all is in order for your arrival. For Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. website, click here.

Tennis Anyone? - Tennis membership is included with your villa rental, and there is no charge to play. The courts are located by the entrance to Ocean Points, which is also the nearest access to the beach at Taylor Bay. Either is a short walk from Moonshadow. There is a code for the courts, we have this info located in the villa and racquets are in the front closet as you walk in the house.

Optional Air Conditioning at Moonshadow - Moonshadow benefits from an almost constant trade wind coming off the sea that provides almost perfect conditions and ceiling fans are in every room if you need them. Moonshadow is equipped with A/C throughout the entire Villa,  despite the fact that it is very expensive to run, we do not meter usage, however we do ask that guests please be conservative so that we can continue to provide at no charge. 

Management - "Island Escapes" manages this property and a representative of that company will be meeting you at the airport shortly after you arrive. If you need to contact someone in management during your stay, you may call 649-941-4006 and ask for Claudius Williams. Additional numbers will be provided upon your arrival.

Tipping - Many of the restaurants will include a 10 to 12.5% tip or gratuity in the bill. If this is not evident on your bill, you may want to ask your waiter if the tip is included. It is still all right to leave a little extra if service is better than you expected. The airport staff and maids too, are always grateful for a tip, especially if they have given you extra help or service.

The Island - Although the word paradise appears many times in the guest books, let's face it, it isn't perfect! The pace of life is slower here and this can sometimes be noted in restaurants and other activities. The power may go off for a short time, cable TV can sometimes produce pictures almost as interesting as watching a washing machine, Internet may not be working properly- not getting a very strong signal or it can be completely out and a pump can sometimes fail and leave you with little or no water. This is all part of island life - along with the friendliness and natural beauty of the island. We ask that you accept and enjoy the island for what it is and be patient (and/or phone management) if a glitch occurs. These islands are known as "the last frontier of the Caribbean" and much luxury exists, but this is not Miami Beach, and you didn't want to go there anyway! Also check out TCI Island Facts.

On Departing - Please leave the key on the kitchen counter and leave the front door unlocked. Typically another party will be coming into the villa the same day you depart. In order for the maids to have the house ready for them, we ask that you comply with check out time of 11:00 am. Check in at the airport is no fun; the lines are usually long, they move slowly. I highly recommend you check-in at the airport between 10:00 am and noon, then go and have a leisurely lunch somewhere, and return to the airport in time to board.

Lastly - We wish you a very happy stay and good times on the island. If you have any questions visit the contact us page or call Lana at 515-988-2952. If you are thinking about becoming a regular like so many others have done, opportunities exist! Again, we hope your stay is enjoyable and we hope you will be returning.

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