For the more adventurous among you, the following are money saving tips for shopping on Providenciales. These destinations may not appeal to those who prefer paved roads and one stop shopping however, for those of you who are interested in saving a little money while doing a little behind the scenes exploration of the island, the following suggestions might prove useful. The major grocery store on island is IGA located on Leeward Highway . This is a great store and a wonderful addition to the island. You will find everything here including beer, wine and spirit (except on Sunday) and they have very convenient hours 7:00am to 10:00pm and are open 7 days a week. There is a new addition to the IGA family and that is Graceway IGA Gourmet located on the connecting road between Leeward Highway and Lower Bight Road. This road is the road leading up to the Seven Stars Resort. They have high end/whole food selections. The following are other stores that are a little bit off the beaten path where you might be able to find a bargain:

1. Kishco's on Leeward Highway. You cannot miss this large orange and yellow building off of Leeward Highway. The deal here is on wine and hard liquor. At the time of this writing they were offering two bottles of wine for the price of one. The wine labels are a little compromised but still legible. Most of it is French wine and I have not been able to find a thing wrong with it except for the crumpled labels. Also there is a selection of hard liquor that appears to be the lowest price on island.

2. Price Club – Located on Leeward Highway next to Texaco Gas Station and Scotia Bank Main Office. This store is greatly improved and is now a clean and pleasant place to shop (try to avoid weekends and Friday night). It is best for dry goods and unrefrigerated grocery items. They do, however, have a freezer with chicken and ribs etc. They also have some produce.

3. Island Pride Grocery Store- Located in the downtown area in Town Centre Mall this store has also been greatly improved over the last year. Everything here is a little less expensive than IGA. They do not sell alcohol or cigarettes and they are not open on Sunday.

4. Caicos Oil Mini Mart – Located almost at the end of Southdock Road- this is part of Caicos Oil Gas Station. For those of you renting a villa on the South Side of the Island ie Sapodilla Bay, Taylor Bay, Chalk Sound and Silly Creek, this is a must. This is a little mini mart that carries a bit of everything from wine, beer, hard alcohol to eggs, milk, chicken, ribs and ham. They have a good selection of canned goods however no fresh produce or freezer. They assured me that they are adding a freezer to stock ice and ice cream. They are around the same price as IGA. They are open 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm. The gas is also some of the least expensive on island.

5. Hydroponic Garden off of South Dock Road. Calling all foodies and adventuresome types. This little garden supplies many of the grocery stores and restaurants on island with tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, basil, mint, thyme etc. This is not a regular market but they will sell to the public. They have a handwritten list of items for sale tacked to the garden shed. You will probably have to call out to get someone's attention to help you upon arrival. Also the road, although you are not on it for a long time, is not in good shape. There are no signs to the garden but it is off of South Dock Road. It is on the same side as the Caicos Oil Gas Station and Mini Mart and if you are travelling west, it would be two roads before Caicos Oil. This is a dirt road. After turning left off of South Dock Road, you go to the end of the dirt road and make a right, then make the first left and then turn left where you see bougainvillea (believe me there are no other bougainvillea anywhere near here), you then bear to the right and will see the shed ahead of you. If you look at the skyline as you are approaching, you can see the greenhouses.

6. TC Crystal Water and Turks Head Beer – Beer is one of the most expensive items on island but it is possible to go directly to the distributor of Turks Head Beer and buy a case of beer (sorry no 6 packs)at a significant savings( $35.00/case at the distributor and $48.00/case at the store) . The same people distribute TC Crystal Water and Turks Head Beer. There are two types of beer available lager and amber. While you are there you can also by a 5 gallon container of water for $15.00 and refill it for just $2.50. They also sell a juice product. The location is a little tricky. If you are on Leeward Highway at the Butterfield Roundabout at Market Place/First Caribbean Bank, follow the signs to South Dock Road. The road is directly opposite Market Place (The only other option here is to either stay straight on Leeward Highway or go into the parking lot of Market Place.) You are now on a connecting road between Leeward Highway and South Dock Road. Once on the connecting road heading towards South Dock Road you would make the second left. You will be on a dirt road and in an "industrial park" area. Then make the second left off of the dirt road. You will see a sign on the building that says TC Crystal Water. Once in the area, you can ask directions if you get lost.

7. Fisheries – The fisheries are located in the local village of Five Cays. You turn left at the Texaco Station off of South Dock Road and go to the end of the road. There are two fisheries; the first one you come to is normally the best. They are on the left hand side of the road. You can buy lobster in season (August 1 to March 30) conch and sometimes grouper and/or snapper. Let me make a comment here about buying fish directly from the boats. If you are renting a villa on Ocean Point or Sapodilla Bay, you will often see the fisherman in the afternoon going to the fisheries with their catch. They sometimes can be flagged down and you can buy fish directly from the boat. This is fine, however, be on the lookout for those who do not look like they are working fisherman. Be sure to check the fish for freshness. There is also a gentleman who sells beautiful snapper (kept on ice) out of the back of a white truck near Island Pride Grocery Store. There is also a new fish market located off of South Dock Road near to the downtown area.

8. Quality Supermarket – For those people renting on the South Side of the island, this will be your closest large grocery store. It is on the connecting road between South Dock Road and Leeward Highway. It is about 5 minutes to downtown and 5 minutes to the south side of the island. It sits closer to South Dock Road than to Leeward Highway and sits right off of the roundabout. There is a huge sign so it is easy to spot. There is a second smaller location off of Leeward Highway near to the medical clinic.

9. Ladies selling mangos on the side of the road. These are normally yummy and worth having. They also sell okra, fresh thyme and other produce. You can try to bargain with them but language is sometimes an issue.

10. Silly Creek Water Sports - For the adventure seekers who are looking for more than just a water sports company, they offer one of a kind private excursions along the south west side of Provo. Snorkel, meet some friendly iguanas, explore beaches and shorelines accessible only by boat. Enjoy wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing on the pristine turquoise waters of Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay in Chalk Sound (Close to Villa Moonshadow). Adventurers of all ages and levels will feel comfortable in their friendly and safe environment. Every trip is a unique experience and they would love to share one with you.

Hope this helps– Have a great time!!!

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