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A nice 5 bedroom villa right on the water. The location was great - we had access to water from our own dock or we were a short walk to Taylor Bay - a beautiful bay beach with pristine water and amazing sand. The sand is so velvety its like nothing I have ever seen. We especially liked Taylor bay because the water was barely thigh high even when you're 100 yards out. Seems like the perfect place for kids to swim (though none of us has any). Also, most times we were the only ones there - and THAT to us is complete paradise!!

The guys on our trip are avid scuba divers when they get the opportunity and went diving withDive Provo – they had a great experience there and saw a lot of great stuff. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly too. The snorkeling was great at Northwest Point – it's a very secluded beach and we were the only ones there but it was a great day. One of our best days was chartering the Atabeyra sail boat with Captain Dave. It wasn’t too expensive for the 8 of us and the boat is beautiful. We had a pleasant sail out to Pine Cay where we were dropped off to snorkel and dive for sand dollars. Its amazing to be the only ones on an island – what a change of pace for a girl from NY!
Date of Posting: 05 April 2010
Posted By: Long Island, NY, USA
It's our first time at Moonshadow. I would have been happy to just look at the view all day. We rented a boat for the day and saw even more beauty. Our children and grandchildren want to move here.
Date of Posting: 15 March 2010
Posted By: Thanks for sharing, The J.D.P. Family
Howdy everyone- we came here to the Caicos Islands and stayed for a week. The beach across the way is amazing, better than Hawaii! Our dock was great for swimming, especially around low tide when you could touch the vines to the right which are beautiful. The entire ocean itself is breathtaking. We definitely want to return.

For shopping we would suggest the little local huts that are right off of the highway on the way to Grace Bay. Snorkeling with Mark from Blue was the best! Thanks so much!
Date of Posting: 06 March 2010
Posted By: Anonymous
My best and dearest friend asked me what my passion would be and I told her to be able to travel to places like this. The peace here is a beautiful experience.
Date of Posting: 07 January 2010
Posted By: Pam
Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA
It is our first year at Moonshadow and we fell in love with it! The beach is heaven on earth, the pool is warm. We especially love swimming a ways off to the left of our own personal dock!

For family-style restaurants - Turks and Caicos Café, Hey José’s and Hemingway’s.

For upscale restaurants - Magnolia and Coyaba.

Overall we had a fabulous time and hopefully we will return soon! Thanks!
Date of Posting: 13 November 2009
Posted By: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Our second time at Moonshadow. Had a terrific time, perfect for our large family. Look for stingrays off the dock- we had several! Thanks!

From our daughter Rachel: This is one of the best vacations I’ve ever had! Tons of beautiful scenery and cool animals! Thank you so much!
Date of Posting: 14 August 2009
Posted By: Tricia and Dan and 4 kids
Houston, Texas, USA
Hi new people! We recommend Sharkbite and buy bug spray. Want fresh cheap seafood? Go down to your dock around 3:15 and you will have your choice. Want a great place to scuba? No further than that same dock…. Figured out real quick why there are so many candles, but that did add to the romanticism.
Date of Posting: 28 June 2009
Posted By: Anonymous
Moonshadow is a very cheerful place! We can’t say anything but wonderful things! We were so excited that the snorkeling off the dock is fabulous and we were also amazed at the huge stingrays that swam right up to us at the same dock! The view here is the best of any we have seen! We loved watching the boats come and go in the anchorage, the coral reefs and the snorkeling was great! We had the pleasure of swimming with turtles while we were there. The locals were as gentle and friendly as the stingrays!

We had great meals at Coco Bistro, Da Conch Shack and tonight, Magnolia. Great food service.

We would love to come back. This place has great karma! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Date of Posting: 16 May 2009
Posted By: Cindi and Tom
Chardon, Ohio, USA
Villa Moonshadow is perfect for an extended family with young children. (It would also work for two families.) Moonshadow was perfectly suited for kids, because we had toys for them too. We were not disappointed with anything.
Date of Posting: 03 October 2008
Posted By: Miranda H.
Lovely villa, comfortable, great views. We enjoyed the pool, the sea, and the underwater sites.

We actually saw an octopus on the neighbors dock! It was blizzard and windy in Philadelphia! Thanks again!
Date of Posting: 16 July 2008
Posted By: Kathy & Chuck
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

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Moonshadow is a large villa built on a cliff between Sapodilla Bay and Taylor Bay. It is only 15 minutes from the airport and easy to access.  The villa has all the amenities you can think of...

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